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Cancer Survivors Coaching Circle

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Six years ago I remember being so happy and relieved when I was told I was cancer free.  In many ways I was lucky in my cancer journey.  It was caught fairly early.  It had not spread.  I had to have two scary surgeries, but I managed to avoid chemotherapy even though it was the recommended treatment plan of my original oncologist.  My journey taught me a bit about myself, changed my relationship to death and mortality and provided me the opportunity to really assess the life I was living.  I came out of it with some clarity and a renewed sense of purpose.  I also came out of it with some PTSD, some severe scanxiety and a waxing and waning yet ever-present fear of recurrence.  My journey led me to work on a national cancer helpline for several years where I talked daily with cancer patients, their families, caregivers and many survivors.  One of the things I noticed over those years was that while there are many resources for cancer patients and recent survivors, there are fewer to almost no resources for long term survivors like myself. While my cancer is thankfully long gone there are still ways that its impact is still very present in my life.  I’ve often longed to be in community with people in the same place as me, but haven’t found that. 


This has led me to create my monthly Cancer Survivors Coaching Circle.  My hope is to create a space where cancer survivors can come together and talk about topics that are important to us.  This is not intended to be a support group, but I hope it will be a supportive place.  As a professional coach I plan to facilitate these as coaching circles.  There will be a central topic for the week and the sessions will be a combination of discussion and coaching.  This means I'll be listening for where people want to grow around these topics and supporting accountability and movement.  You are always at choice about what you take from the group and what you do with it.  


One thing I’ve come to understand in the last few years is that cancer survivor is a broader term than I had originally realized.  It encompasses people who are now cancer free, people that had cancer and are having a recurrence, people who have a form of cancer that isn’t curable, but can be managed, people who survived one type of cancer and now have another type, anyone who actively has cancer and is living and many more variations.  I want this to be a space where anyone who identifies as a cancer survivor and wants to be in community with others will feel safe and welcomed.  If this resonates with you I hope you’ll join me.  Please feel free to reach out with any questions and concerns.  

Click "RSVP Here" or click the Events tab for dates and times.  All groups meet over zoom.  $20 fee per group.  If cost is an issue and you want to participate please reach out and let's discuss.

Potential Discussion Topics:

My Relationship to My Body Now

Lessons Learned

Hopes and Fears for the Future

Managing Scanxiety

How Cancer Has Impacted My Relationships

Finding Purpose

Cancer and My Career


Asking for What I Need

Who Am I Now?  Who Do I Want to Be?

And more....

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